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I recently overheard a guide standing outside the Four Courts giving a talk to a tour, he explained that his father always said stay out of the courts if you are looking for justice, you'll get law in the courts, not justice.

While it is not entirely true that you won't get justice, it is invariably true, and often stated by the presiding judges that harsh results can result from the application of the law, and that is what you will get - law, and lots of it.

It is almost always preferable that parties resolve their differences outside of a court setting, either in negotiaton or in some form of ADR. It is in these venues that parties have the best chance of walking away without feeling entirely aggrieved and possibly maintaining business relationships.

However, sometimes parties become so entrenched in their positions, or one party refuses to be reasonable, and in these instances Court is often the best solution to the impasse.

I am available in advance of the commencement of proceedings to advise parties on the options open to them. Once proceedings are commenced or decided upon, I am available to represent parties at these proceedings.

The High Court

The High Court has original jurisdiction in all matters in Ireland. Enter here for more information.

The Lower Courts

The lower Courts are referred to as Courts of limited jurisdiction. Enter here for more information.

The Commercial Court

The Commercial Court is a division of the High Court and is governed by Order 63A of the Rules of the Superior Courts. Enter here for more information.

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