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Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is a term used to describe all forms of dispute resolution outside of the Courts.

The full common suite of ADR alternatives are mediation, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication. Within this set there are hybrids such as med-arb (mediation arbitration) which are not elaborated on here as they are presently relatively uncommon in Ireland and England.

I am available to act as chairperson or represent parties in all the above forums.


Adjudication is a fast tracked dispute process with a temporarily binding decision. In essence you pay now and argue later. Enter here for more information.


Arbitration is the most court like form of ADR; it consists of a chairperson hearing the dispute and thereafter issuing a decision that is final and binding on the parties. Enter here for more information.


Conciliation put simply is a mediation, where if the parties fail to resolve their differences, the conciliator makes a recommendation the parties can either accept or reject. Enter here for more information.


Mediation is the softest of all the forms of ADR. In essence it is a process whereby the parties themselves attempt to resolve their differences with the assistance of an impartial neutral third party. Enter here for more information.

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